Wreck it Ralph game

Some of the Concept art I created for this game based on the recently released Disney animation.

Dancing with the Stars

Two character designs of the popular dance instructors I did for the online game

Resistance Retribution

These are some of the concepts I did for Sony's Resistance Retribution game.

Udraw studio

These are two of the images done for Udraw Studio which came out in the fall of 2010 with the new wii tablet.  The first is a background image to show the player the setting in which their canvas is in when they zoom all the way out (they could also zoom into their canvas).  The second image is a quick photoshop mockup of the image I painted using the Udraw tablet.  Those of you who own the 2010 game can see the replay of this painting (in attract mode) if you boot it up and then just let it sit there for two minutes. 
These next images were done for Udraw Studio: Instant Artist which just recently came out and is available for not only the wii, but also for the PS3 and Xbox.  The first image was done as a proposal for the look of the new game, and the next two are concepts for game assets after production began.

Deadliest Warrior Legends

I did some early character concepts for this game based on the popular TV show. Later on I did some UI concepts.
The character models in this last image were placeholder characters that I found on the internet and distorted.  I don't remember where I came across them, but they fit the perspective and genre nicely.

Another Night at the Museum (game)

Some of the paint-overs I did for the project.
And here are a couple of paintings I did that hang on the walls in the Museum levels.